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About Us

Novatec Formwork Systems and Meva Formwork Systems brings together Novatec Meva Pilbara Pty Ltd, a Western Australian company uniquely situated in Port Hedland to support the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Novatec Meva Pilbara combines the project management, technical and service delivery expertise of Novatec with the asset management, formwork systems and worldwide experience of Meva.

In 2019, the Alliance was awarded a contract by BGC Contracting to supply the formwork and support needed to form 3,000 metres of wall for the Eliwana bridges project. The contract commenced in 2020.

Meva’s wall formwork systems, namely Mammut 350 and AluFix, bring unique benefits to the Pilbara region, providing the adaptability and unrivaled strength required to withstand the concrete pressures of the vast supporting structures.

Novatec Formwork Systems and Meva Formwork Systems have been working in partnership in Australia for over 15 years. They continue to strengthen their commitment to each other and hone their individual strengths through this Alliance.



Alliance |  noun  |  a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations.

About the Pilbara

The Pilbara region covers an area of 507,896 square kilometres in the North of Western Australia, stretching across the Great Sandy Desert, with the Indian Ocean on the West and the Northern Territory on the East. Boasting a rich and diverse Indigenous cultural heritage, the dry and rugged land is home to some of Earth’s oldest rock formations, over 700 historic Indigenous archaeological sites and 1,000,000 rock engravings. The region offers an abundance of hidden gems – white sandy beaches and islands with untouched coral gardens, National parks Millstream-Chichester, Karlamilyi and Karijini, deep rocky canyons and mountain ranges with cliffs and gorges, and Marble Bar – the hottest town in Australia. The major towns of the region are Port Hedland, Karratha and Newman and the three main ports are Port Hedland, Dampier and Port Walcott.

The Pilbara is known as the mining powerhouse of the state; the engine room of Australia; the centre of Australia’s mining, crude oil and natural gas industries and critical to Australia’s economy. The land is rich in natural resources, minerals such as iron ore which is mined for the production of steel, visible in the red sandy colour of the land. In addition to the immense reserves of natural resources, tourism, agriculture, fishing and aquaculture are all prominent strengths, supporting the growth and economy of the Region.

‘The estimated residential population of the Pilbara was 66,300 in 2013, with fly-in-fly-out employees boosting the population by approximately a further 50,000 people. By 2035, the region is expected to have a resident population of more than 140,000, based on the growth and diversification of the economy.’ Department of Regional Development.